Sunday, August 28, 2011

Holbrook Canyon

Last weekend we hiked in the afternoon after Ben got home from work. There is a trail up Holbrook Canyon just a few miles from our house. We took some snacks and a swim suit to get cool in the stream. We tried to find out old spot...but this Spring it got washed over. So we had to look for a new spot.The girls after a refreshing dip in the stream. It was good thing there was water because it was HOT outside. We were up in the 90's that weekend.
Here is our family in the stream. It was so nice of the couple to take this for us. Just so you know the water was REALLY cold. I am kind of surprised the girls jumped in and got so wet.

Monday, August 22, 2011

This Is The Place

By the sheep in front of our house...cousin Sophia came to visit us this day.
Elizabeth in front of the Rich home where we volunteered.
All of the girls up on the hay stack.

On a stump in front of "our" home
This was quite an experience for us. 8 Tuesday mornings from 10-2 we were there. It took most of the morning to get us all ready and out the door. Then the girls had to go for a pony ride and play at the small village before they could go home. The little girls were usually asleep before we got to Foothills Dr. I would guess about 1/2 to 1 mile. Elizabeth absolutely loved it. Breanna and Maryanne were more challenging. I have heard I should have waited until my kids were older...but...I fear when they are older they will be more busy and not want to go as often. In the end, it was worth the experience and the fun we had for the frustrations. I learned and experienced new things and will probably look at pioneers in a different light.

Elizabeth's Birthday

Elizabeth turned 7 this year. She had a sleep over with cousin Hazel the night before her birthday. I don't think they got a lot of sleep.

Then there is a picture of her with friends at her party. It was lots of good fun.
I was thinking the other day about how Elizabeth turned 2 the year we moved to KY. That is how old Maryanne is...I guess all my babies will some day grow up.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Library Storytime

I have read several blogs about decisions with school, jobs, and being a mom. So here is mine! I have never wanted to totally give up teaching Spanish. It seems at times it is my link to being a real seems to give my something professional to say in my world of doctors and professional people who can more than match my bachelors degree. I have been told a million times that mom is fine but I have never been able to feel professional when I tell people I am a mom.
Also, I like to feel like I am helping with our money situation during the times of NO or little money. I want to be able to do something that makes more than $0 a hour so I can buy a package of almonds if Ben wants them.

So I use Spanish...I tutor, I teach classes, or I do story time. However, every time I embark on one of these missions, I feel a drain. I ignore my kids or get mad as I try to explain that I don't look professional with nutella on my white shirt. Then when people pay you have to be more than a mom and this hard to be when you are already working 24 hours a day. In the end, the money I make doesn't seem much more than $0 an hour and I am not sure the drain I took is worth it. But in the past, I could not let go of my ideals.

Now after all of these years...(partly because we now have money) I think I am going to let my ideals GO. What I am really committed to is my kids learning some Spanish and more importantly learning about languages and people. I want them to feel like learning a language is obtainable. I want them to understand that their are countries and people in our world who look and speak differently than us and that there is a way for us to understand them. I think when I teach them Spanish and we talk about countries that speak Spanish; they get this.

I have often thought that the library might be my key...and I am going to try it out. So on the last Tuesday of the month for $0 I am going to teach Spanish story time at the library....for my kids (and if others want to come that's fine). I would just teach them at home...but I need an extra motivational push. The library will by my motivation to keep up with their Spanish and practice a little with them.

Then one day when Elizabeth learns Chinese (she says she has to learn since she is going on her mission there...that is a whole post itself) I will know that all my effort to help her be accepting of language and people will have been worth it.
I guess (just like the commercial says) it will be worth more than $0 because it will be priceless.

Okay, maybe being a mom does sound more professional.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Car Break In

My girls and I volunteer at "This is the Place Heritage Park". A week ago when we came back from doing our job...we found our window bashed in. Needless to say we were all a bit of a wreck. I drug the girls back to the visitor center to call 911.
I found out that cops DO NOT come out. They just have you file something on line.
Breanna was crying hysterically. I was trying to be really calm so that she didn't freak out any more.

Holly, who works with the volunteers, came and and helped me get some things cleaned up.
In the end the car was the easy fix.
It was calling the banks, going to the bank, trying to get a driver's license, waiting for you credit card to arrive..and your check book to come.

Then you have to call work to fix direct deposit, and direct withdrawal.
Then try to get all your bills still paid in time with no money.
Then try to eat something since this happened right after vacation and there was no food.
Then try to throw a 7 year old birthday party.
I am wiped out.

Family Reunion=
Lots of playing
Lots of craziness
No Sleep
Lots of Food

and friends for life
Elizabeth asked if Kate (a second cousin that lives in Arizon) could come to her birthday party. She said she want to play more with her.

I never can get enough either. So much fun.