Friday, December 20, 2013


 Maughan Family 2013

Top 10 Events

1- January trip to Disney Land.  We had a pretty good time and Heather came with us on our last day.

2- Maryanne turned 4.  She is the most active kid...I try to put her to bed and she is doing headstands on the bottom bunk.  Surely she must get tired right?

 3- We sold our house in Bountiful and pack up and moved to Baltimore.

4-  We stopped by Martin's Cove, WY...Devil's Tower, WY...Mt. Rushmore...Ft. Leonardwood, MO....Louisville and Lexington, KY...and ended in Baltimore, MD with Suzette up from DC to get us through the night with blankets, bedding, and food.

5- Ben started work at Johns Hopkins Hospital as an Oncology Fellow. (The fellowship is 3 years)

6- Breanna turned 7.  She had a little party in NJ with cousins and aunts and then we went to a concert with dad at night.

7-  Elizabeth turned 9.  Her cousin Hazel was over for a few days and we went to a farm and pick berries.  We went up later to NJ for a little cousin party.

8-  School started and Lizzy and Bre went to 4th and 2nd grade and I joined a preschool co op for Maryanne.  I volunteer at the school on Monday to be with the girls.

9- At church, Ben helps run the organization for men called the Elder's quorum.  I have been organinizing week day activities for kids 8-11...and now I have been asked to learn ASL and interpret during our women's meeting, Relief Society.

10- This is one of the only Halloween photos done the Sat before Halloween because I was in the hospital on Halloween night.  It was a sad day for the girls all around.  Luckily Aunt Lisa sent a box of candy to tide them over;)

We have had a great time here in Baltimore.
Our new address is 5511 Pimlico Road apt 1, Baltimore, MD  21209.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Baltimore top 10

We moved to Baltimore about 6 weeks ago.  I felt a little like I was back in Kentucky with the trees and humidity.  I had a neighbor who said that when she moved into her home years ago she knew she was home for good.  I don't know if that is totally how I feel but there a lots of things I love about Baltimore.

1- We live close to Ben's work.  AAHHH!  After being far away in Utah I have LOVED LOVED being close to the hospital (if you call 7 miles close)  I feel like it is so easy to jump on the 83 and ride in to JHH.

2-  Lots of trees.  I love being surrounded by nature.  I feel like I live in the woods...kind of a dream come true.

3- The ocean.  Yes, really we live on a port not beach right by us...but I love the water and I love that we are close to it.

4- It is green.  I don't know that I ever got used to the dry summers of the west and the stickery, thorny stuff that grows out in the desert.  I do love being surrounded my green here all summer.

5- NO watering.  I do not miss turning on the water every night to try and get the grass to grow and the plant to not die.  Here is just rains all the no watering.  It is kind of relaxing.

6- Natural grass....I like the idea of grass that just grows and little weedy but no need to spray endlessly and cultivate something unnatural.

7- In our apartment we have two really big bedrooms.  I love mine.  I feel like I can stay in my room if I want to.  It is great to have some space in my room to move around and be relaxed.

8- Mt. Washington pool.  This is a community pool and it actually costs to be a member but we have gone on the free days and it has been REALLY nice.  Twice a week we can swim for free.  I am not sure if I will ever need to join.

I guess there are just 8 things I love for now.  I will have to finish my list in 3 years when we are done with the fellowship;)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Johns Hopkins

For the first time since we started on this medical school journey, something has turned out just as we both planned it.
I thought I would be the most excited every....and I am!  However, I am also a little nervous.  I feel like I am in one of those movies where you pinch yourselve to see if you are awake.

Recently a cousin of mine and her husband with through the sadness of not matching for a residency and had to scramble.  I thought of when Ben did not get a spot in medical school his first year we applied...Then when we failed the STEP 2 standardized patient section.  This was like a black cloud over our house for weeks.  Nothing compares to the day when we found out he passed.

And then we looked on match day and there was Johns Hopkins our #1 choice as the school we are matched to.  It is so much more humbling to win after a defeat.  How is that possible?

So around June 20th we will put all of our stuff in a moving device of some sort and go across the country (again) and see what friends await us in Baltimore, MD.