Sunday, July 10, 2011

Zoo trip

Here we are at the Hoogle zoo. We went with PIM a group for spouses of residents. The girls loved going. And Elizabeth had to take a picture of me by the giraffes. Unfortunately NO giraffes posed in the picture so it is just me by the fence with Maryanne.

4th of July

Here we are on the night of the 4th with Sparklers. Maryanne had to go to bed early (unfortunately for her).
We ended up staying up SO late as all of the neighbors pulled out a bunch of fireworks and so we joined the party from across the street.

Yellowstone Trip

The girls on a short hike trip.
Maryanne pouring dirt all over herself at the camp site.
All us of at Mammoth Hot Springs.
The girls, Ben and my dad fishing at Joffee lake.

Ben said last year as we were driving back from FAILED attempted at, sick, throw-up. That he would NEVER never under any circumstances take our girls camping again.
So imagine my surprise when he said, "Meet me and your dad in Yellowstone and we can stay the night and see some stuff with the girls."

So here are pictures of the successful camping, warm, NO sick kids.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Parties

Here are some photos of a party at my sister Cherie's house. She rented a cool blow up thing and we all got a turn on it. Here is Maryanne coming off the slide going into a little somersault.
Here we are at the top getting ready to go down. Notice Elizabeth not in the picture. She didn't like going on it much.

Here is Country Fest. aka. Aunt Heather's party since she runs special event in South Jordon.
Here are the girls on some of the rides.
Here are the girls watching shows on the community stage with their lemonades from A. Heather.
Here I am going down the slide. I was trying to go down with everyone...but Maryanne took off. At the end she started to spin out so Ben never got another picture of us...making sure Maryanne was alive:)
Here we all are with the Famous A. Heather. She is hanging out in her golf cart ready to put out another fire.