Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cabin Take Two

Maryanne with the garden they made and watered.
Elizabeth in the tree.
Everyone outside with the fire. They were sure they needed one and we decided "go ahead"
Making the village with dominoes
Me and Bre at the fire pit.
A month ago we tried to visit the family cabin and it ended up being an adventure since when we arrived it was locked. However, I got my own keys...and we took a second try.
We were off for 2 days of school and I needed something to do will all that time. The girls and I went with my sister Suzette (who was watching Cherie's kids) and had a great day of sitting in the house and telling the kids to run and play outside.

The made a garden in the sand box, picked apples, climbed trees, and ran around. We left at 7pm and they mostly all fell asleep on the way home.

It was a great day off and I didn't have to do to much;)

Hiking to Elephant rock

A few weeks ago Ben was post call and wanted to go hiking. So we called my sister and family. She sent her husband and the older 4 kids. So we were one with hike to Elephant Rock or Big rock...up in the canyon in Bountiful. At some point we separated because Maryanne was going TOO slow. So it ended up with everyone making it to the rock but Maryanne and me. She actually fell asleep for a while and I hiked down the mountain ALONE carrying a 36 lb. 2 year old. In case you are wondering it is really hard and she was TOTALLY floppy. I did try stopping but it was getting so cold and late I couldn't handle sitting for long.
But Ben trying to come to my rescue although by the time he caught me I only had about 1/4 of a mile left. However, I think it is the thought that counts!! The older girls did have an AWESOME time.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Tree House Museum

For Christmas, my sister Heather gave us money to go to the Tree House museum. I thought we would go during the summer...but it never worked out. And Ben schedule makes it had to do things because he does not have lots of Sat. off. However, Oct 1 we finally made it;) The girls had lots of fun and no problem staying there for the last 3 hours it was open for the day. Then afterward with the left over money, we went to the Farr's ice cream and shared a big treat. It was a long afternoon but we had a good time! Thanks Heather.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We went to Hyrum (Blacksmith Fork Creek) to Ben's parent's cabin. We thought his sister was still there...but NO. So we were locked out. We parked the car by the front gate and went and played outside. It was fun and you can see we found stuff to do. We also got some apples that made 5 jars of apple sauce. We are thinking of getting the rest when we go up next time (with KEYS)