Saturday, February 23, 2013

Johns Hopkins

For the first time since we started on this medical school journey, something has turned out just as we both planned it.
I thought I would be the most excited every....and I am!  However, I am also a little nervous.  I feel like I am in one of those movies where you pinch yourselve to see if you are awake.

Recently a cousin of mine and her husband with through the sadness of not matching for a residency and had to scramble.  I thought of when Ben did not get a spot in medical school his first year we applied...Then when we failed the STEP 2 standardized patient section.  This was like a black cloud over our house for weeks.  Nothing compares to the day when we found out he passed.

And then we looked on match day and there was Johns Hopkins our #1 choice as the school we are matched to.  It is so much more humbling to win after a defeat.  How is that possible?

So around June 20th we will put all of our stuff in a moving device of some sort and go across the country (again) and see what friends await us in Baltimore, MD.

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