Friday, December 20, 2013


 Maughan Family 2013

Top 10 Events

1- January trip to Disney Land.  We had a pretty good time and Heather came with us on our last day.

2- Maryanne turned 4.  She is the most active kid...I try to put her to bed and she is doing headstands on the bottom bunk.  Surely she must get tired right?

 3- We sold our house in Bountiful and pack up and moved to Baltimore.

4-  We stopped by Martin's Cove, WY...Devil's Tower, WY...Mt. Rushmore...Ft. Leonardwood, MO....Louisville and Lexington, KY...and ended in Baltimore, MD with Suzette up from DC to get us through the night with blankets, bedding, and food.

5- Ben started work at Johns Hopkins Hospital as an Oncology Fellow. (The fellowship is 3 years)

6- Breanna turned 7.  She had a little party in NJ with cousins and aunts and then we went to a concert with dad at night.

7-  Elizabeth turned 9.  Her cousin Hazel was over for a few days and we went to a farm and pick berries.  We went up later to NJ for a little cousin party.

8-  School started and Lizzy and Bre went to 4th and 2nd grade and I joined a preschool co op for Maryanne.  I volunteer at the school on Monday to be with the girls.

9- At church, Ben helps run the organization for men called the Elder's quorum.  I have been organinizing week day activities for kids 8-11...and now I have been asked to learn ASL and interpret during our women's meeting, Relief Society.

10- This is one of the only Halloween photos done the Sat before Halloween because I was in the hospital on Halloween night.  It was a sad day for the girls all around.  Luckily Aunt Lisa sent a box of candy to tide them over;)

We have had a great time here in Baltimore.
Our new address is 5511 Pimlico Road apt 1, Baltimore, MD  21209.

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